Behind TANQ Global

Who Are We

TANQ Global was founded with the belief that everyone has the potential to be curious and innovative. Curiosity is the seed of innovation, and by elevating curiosity in our learners, we can guide them toward continuous innovation.


Our diversified learning approach encourages discovery and inquisition through story immersion. This approach aims to provide learners with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in today's ever-changing world.

Cultivating the Seeds of Curiosity Through

Encounter learning

Immersion through

Diversified learning

through the excitement of story immersion

essential knowledge from our nature and society

approach through discovery and inquisition

Join us as we envision a life driven by creators of society.

Meet Our Innovators

Ryan Butac

Project Officer | Main Facilitator

Special talent: Making everyone smile!


Ryan's classes prioritize enjoyment over dull learning, ensuring that knowledge sticks with us long after textbooks are closed. With a sense of endless curiosity, his engaging lessons unleash creativity and lead to unforgettable experiences!

Tomoko Shimura

WONDER Ambassador


Tomoko's passion for languages and cultures led her to live, study, and connect with diverse individuals in the UK, the US, and Jamaica. With expertise in interpretation and translation, she aims to make the TANQ community more multicultural. As a mother within the community, she has witnessed the vibrant moments of children discovering their passions and strives to spread joy and wonder worldwide.

Kaito Hirao

Creative Manager


Kaito's top priority is to keep children at the heart of their learning experience, sparking their curiosity and self-discovery. With a hands-on approach, he creates opportunities for innovation and self-expression, impacting each child's daily activities at TANQ. Drawing from a diverse background, he brings a collective mindset and extensive knowledge of global learning needs, making him the go-to person for ideas and fostering children's interests.

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