LXD Training

For Learning Institutions

Our Learning Experience Design (LXD) program equips educators with the essential skills to deliver the transformative TANQ curriculum.


From crafting engaging class content to expertly facilitating children's learning journeys, we'll be by your side as you acquire the latest technological know-how and expand your worldview.

With tailor-made training content designed specifically for your institution, we create an optimized learning space that sets the stage for unlimited growth.


It's not just for education but also a skill everyone needs. Even employees can benefit from it.


Step into the future of education with TANQ LXD Training today!

LXD Example Training Theme

Training Activities

Ice break and self-introductions

Participants introduce themselves


Storytelling and listening exercise

Recall and share first wishes


Identify takeaways from the training


Introduction to Inquiry Academy and its values

Introduction to the "Inquiry Special" place of practice


Demonstration of the Inquiry

Special class and GF experience

Case Study

Discuss how to handle specific cases

Lecture on the three roles of a facilitator (teacher, coach, and partner)


How the Inquiry Special class works

Importance of holding the place and storytelling

Holding oneself during the process

Meet Yourself and Connect to Your Wishes

Lecture on learning Non-violent Communication (NVC)


Understanding emotions and needs in NVC


NVC Empathy Circle demonstration (Self-Acceptance and Self-Empathy)


Experience the NVC Empathy Circle


Identify which needs will be valued in practice after the training


Point 1:

Point 2:

Point 3:

Technology and worldview to maximize the learning experience

Acquisition of skill sets that can be applied in the real world

Applications in the field of early childhood education, welfare, and services

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