• Learn about "TANQ"

    What is behind the WONDER AND EXCITEMENT from each class?

  • "ALL of your senses."

    "Movie like experience learning through storytelling."

    "Multiple approaches for one theme."

  • Experience a lesson using

    ALL of your senses.

    Experience a new form of learning through multiple ways of discovery. Experiencing learning with all of your five senses, can create engaging surprises and new forms of excitement. Forms of learning have originated from our ancestors and the methods of our everyday teaching may not be the most effective form of teaching. However, when we add the emotional piece of the puzzle it completely changes the learning field.

    Movie like experience learning through storytelling

    Over the years, people have unraveled the mysteries of nature and accumulated the wisdom of mankind. We have invented technologies such as railways and computers using the power of nature such as steam and electricity. It is through studying science, mathematics, economics and art with this long and epic story that you can meet deep surprises and excitement. The TANQ way conveys this "knowledge baton relay" throughout all classes.

    Multiple approaches for

    one theme

    For example, in a history class, you can use cards to sort and play cards, use a dilemma to think about formations, and challenge each other through quiz competitions. By combining multiple approaches, the classroom is filled with an assortment of surprises and excitement. There is not just a one path to figuring out the answer, rather, multiple roads and even backroads that may not have been seen before. Come and explore with us!

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