How we can be supportive?

Some tips for helping children be themselves

How CAN we be supportive? 

Recently we have been asked this question. (Along with the many others, which we are very thankful for!) 

Here at TANQ Global, our lessons are focused on being supportive for everyone. 

Whether that be the parents, families or children. 

We know that every person, whether they believe it or not, can have the power to impact someone. 

More so, if you spend time with that person on a daily basis. 

And back to the question... How can we be supportive? 

ESPECIALLY for children, because we have some idea of what to do but not entirely. 

If this is you, READ BELOW. 

Child Learning has endless boundaries and many unchartered paths. However, even as a main facilitator (Ryan), he sometimes does not know what to expect when he steps in front of a class of 50 or sometimes 200 children. But the only genuine thing that he knows best is to... 

Provide a NEW SOMETHING that will STIR UP children's emotions in order open a new path of discovery. With the limited time that TANQ Global has to spend with children, we heavily rely upon families and parents to..

Support their children's TANQ Global journey, through NEW THINGS. 

New things? Well, this can be something simple as asking a, "Did you know?" or "Why don't we try this?"

The one thing that TANQ Global looks forward to is the opportunity to spend with children and help then on their path of discovery to what their individual interests are! 

So our request to you families out there, LET'S SUPPORT them together on this endless journey that is just beginning! 

- TANQ Global Team (by Ryan)

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