Where can we get ideas from?

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"Ideas worth sharing!" 

Have you heard this phrase before! Well we have some news.... 

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Now, for this blog we would like to ask all of you a simple question... 

"Where do you get your ideas from?"

Do you get ideas from the TV, Youtube, Facebook or from a book? 

We would love to hear from you about this and we know that you have interesting information that you would be able to share with us? 

While you are sorting through your list of, "Where do I get my ideas from?", in simple terms we know that everything we come across becomes and idea or some sort. 

Sometimes those ideas stay on the back burner inside of our heads and pop up at random times, when we need them or not? 

But how can we filter through these ideas and get them organized in our heads while all of this information is coming through the information super-highway? 

Well, simply you can turn everything off? Simple right? 

Well, if we did that then we would be totally disconnected from the world right? I mean, who could live a day without their cellphone, let alone 5 hours, right? 

While we are connected to each other all over the world we can also make the decision of how we want to connect and how often? The biggest gift that we are all given is the ability to make decisions! 

These decisions will impact how we get information and also get ideas. Those ideas become our thoughts and we must try to be careful of how much we allow in... however, we are not suggesting that you disconnect entirely from the world but be conscious every once in a while because sometimes you may notice something you never had before. Such as a beautiful piece of art or a fashionable person walking down the street. 

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