TANQ Gakusha teachers respectively have their own styles, but they all have the same guiding concept.

    Ryan Butac

    Ryan Butac

    Project Officer

    Main Facilitator


    Born on Oahu, Hawaii

    Special technique: Make every type of person smile!

    Ryan’s lessons have a sense of "enjoyment" rather than just "learning".

    Many of us have had this experience once or twice in their lifetime having the tendency to forget the knowledge we learn right after studying textbooks for hours and hours. However, we never seem to forget the experience of something fun when spent with friends. When our minds are able to wander freely our creativity senses come to recognize new findings and engage in new experiences..

    So, LETS ignite those inquisitive minds together in a class with endless curiosity!

    Dr. Hussein Zanaty

    Project Officer

    Main Facilitator


    Born in Egypt with over 20+ years of educational experience.

    Special technique: Involving all children of the world!

    Dr. Hussein brings his education efforts and abilities to TANQ with a passion to support educational efforts throughout the world and into the future. Building a brighter future for our children has always been his motto. Hussein welcomes people from all over the world.




    Tomoko Shimura

    Customer Success



    Tomoko has always been interested in languages and different cultures, having lived and studied in the UK and the US attending local schools and summer courses where she met students with different backgrounds. Two years in Jamaica working at the Japanese Embassy was also an insightful experience for her. Interpretation/translation between English and Japanese has been her core expertise mainly in multicultural organizations, and one of her aspirations is to make the TANQ community more multicultural!

    As a mother in the TANQ community for over 5 years, she has seen countless moments where a child is so lively and vibrant in joy and amazement, and finding what they want to do with their life based on what they like or what interests them. Spreading the joy and amazement across the world is her foremost aspiration!


    Kaito Hirao

    Internal Relations

    Arata Yonezawa

    Community Manager

    Touko Teranishi

    Customer Relations Manager