Life?! The simple yet complex question that we all ask ourselves. Is it the way of LIVING or is it about HOW we became into these various lifeforms? Where did all of this come from and how are we able to detect what ways we have changed from the past? What would be the best question to ask our ancestors and how thankful should we be for their existence in the past.
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"Lessons that will shine a new light among your children. Join our TANQ Evolution Journey from your home!"

Online TANQ - Evolution of Life

Our lessons provide “high interactivity” which is sure to have your children absorbed into learning.

The lessons will be held in real-time, with the faces of participant’s all over the world visible on one screen, just as if we are in the same classroom learning together.

(turning on the camera and your microphone will be optional)


[Event Summary] (All dates/time are Japan Standard Time (GMT +9)




■ Date and time: Please choose from the following four classes (different day/time)


Every Thursday




Every Saturday

③ 9:00-10:00



*①② 3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25 (four lessons in total)

③④ 3/6, 3/13, 3/20, 3/27 (four lessons in total)


*Recorded version of the lesson will be sent to the participants after each lesson for all the four volumes. (YouTube link with Unlisted setting will be sent)


■Main Facilitator: Ryan Butan, Hussein Zanaty


■Language: English


■Where: Online platform, ZOOM (the link will be sent out before the lessons)




- Device to connect to the Internet, such as PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.

- Stable internet connection


■Capacity: MAX 100 families per class (if one child decides to join, the second child or more may join for free)


■Price: 8,000 JPY (Tax included)


■Deadline: 24:00 (midnight) Tuesday March 2 for (1)(2) (Thursday classes); 9:00 Thursday March 4 for (3)(4) (Saturday classes)




Immediately after the lessons, there will be interactive Zoom sessions (different links for different homerooms) with other homeroom classmates and homeroom mentor(s).


Please choose a homeroom class that you wish to attend based on the overview below.

(You may change your homeroom class in the middle of the course by letting us know.)


If siblings wish to attend different homeroom classes based on their preferences, please specify which homeroom classes they wish to attend when you sign up.


■Duration: 20-30 minutes long


■Mentors: Ryan Butac, Hussein Zanaty, Tomoko Shimura, Kaito Hirao, Arata Yonezawa, and others


■Language: English for Emotion & Excitement; English and Japanese as required for Wonder


■Where: Online platform: ZOOM (different link from the lessons)


■Overview of the Homerooms


A: Emotion


Homeroom where we focus on discussions and presentations driven by the children themselves. Recommended for upper graders.


Mentors will support the children to inquire about their own passions.


Activity example (actual activities may be different):


Discussion Theme: Is making changes to human genomes considered evolution and how is that fair or not?


B: Excitement


Homeroom where children can communicate with the mentors and each other through games and conversations. Recommended for lower grades.


Mentors will support the class to explore their inquiring minds by always keeping fun and excitement in mind.


Activity example (actual activities may be different):


Imagine and draw a picture of the earth 500 million years ago




Quest challenges are optional and suggested challenges provided in respective homerooms every week.


Mentors will strongly encourage the children to try and do things they find interesting to accelerate their own exploration journey. The objective of Quest challenges is to further expand the exploration mind ignited by the lessons and to make exploration activities a routine.


■Quest examples of each HR (actual Quest challenges may be different):


Emotion:Is there an animal that we NEED today that would change our world?


Excitement:Find out what Cambrian Explosion is and show & tell the findings in the next homeroom


【Cancelation Policy】


If you find it difficult to continue with the course after the first lesson, homeroom, and Quest, you will be able to request for a full refund through the designated cancellation and refund request form to be submitted by the following dates:


24:00 (midnight) Tuesday March 9 for Thursday classes ①②


24:00 (midnight) Thursday March 11 for Saturday classes ③④




【What do we explore in Evolution?】


The Evolution of Life. Things that we consider are normal but we take you back to think about We will explore the story of evolution of life from the birth of life to the birth of mankind starting with the Cambrian period, focusing on ancient creatures that represent each period such as dinosaurs, while we relive the mystical secrets and acquire the knowledge about evolution of life as well as capabilities that are still effective today. 


- The strongest creatures will surely become extinct!? What is the surprising law hidden in the evolution of life?


- To be eaten, or not to be eaten! Creatures have evolved because there are strong ones and weak ones. What are the reasons?


- A great step taken by the creature called "Ichthyostega" that first landed on land.


- From monkeys to humans. What was the survival strategy of our ancestors who had friends for the first time?


【Special benefit for you!】


We will provide you with a picture booklet of ancient creatures during the course for you to review and expand your own exploration!


【Introduction of the Main Facilitator】

Ryan Butac-  Ryan’s lessons have a sense of “enjoyment” rather than just “learning”. Many of us have had this experience once or twice in their lifetime having the tendency to forget the knowledge we learn right after studying textbooks for hours and hours. However, we never seem to forget the experience of something fun when spent with friends. When our minds are able to wander freely our creativity senses come to recognize numerous realizations. So, LET’S ignite those inquisitive minds together in a class with endless curiosity!


【FAQ】Frequently asked questions.

Q. Will online classes really ignite curiosity?

A. Yes. As a result of optimizing teaching methods and teaching materials for home use, in the previous Online Space Edition, I saw many children reading Galileo's biography, making a telescope on their own, summarizing black holes in articles, and voluntarily explore. According to the most recent data, 97.1% of the participants answered that they would like to take the next course, indicating that they are enthusiastic about their inquiry.  (2019 6/15-7/20 ”Universe in Japanese" survey: 239 replies)


Q. What is the target age? Will a child be able to follow without any basic knowledge?

A. No problem, what so ever! The target audience is from 6 to 14-year-olds. For children under the age of 10 are recommended to participate with their parents. Not only for higher learning efficiency but also to share new findings with one another. We received several comments from parents who found excitement in seeing their children's curiosity switch turn on!


Q. As a parent, I am not sure if I can attend the lesson every week.

A. Although we recommend parents to participate together, it is not mandatory. On days you cannot attend, we recommend you to ask your children questions, such as what they thought of the lesson. Furthermore, we will upload the recording of the lesson, which can be viewed after the lesson.


Q. What is the difference between the “TANQ Special”, which is done face-to-face offline?

A. What we teach in the lesson is mostly the same. We will not have group activities like the one we had in the offline classes. However, by contributing to the Quests, one will be able to participate positively.


Q. What is the best condition to take part in?

A.  1. The best condition is to have two devices, one laptop for participating in ZOOM, and another tablet or smartphone for answering real-time quizzes.


For an even genuine experience, try connecting the screen to your TV and mirror the video and audio, and have the phone that is connected to the quiz in your hands. You can try mirroring with the use of Google Cast, Apple TV, or HDMI cable. Furthermore, for a better internet connection, we suggest you use a wired LAN cable.


2. We have also received positive feedback on parents and family accompanying their children's class: siblings working on a Quest together, discussing the topic within the family, deepening the family's bond, increasing communication with one another, etc. Thus, we recommend you to participate in our exploration together with your child!


Q. I am not confident in operating computers.

A. We will send you a link to the ZOOM, to the email you have written in the Google form before the lesson starts. You will be able to join the class by simply clicking on that URL when it is time for the lesson. Please feel free to contact us for further questions.


Q. I can only prepare one computer or one smartphone. Will I still be able to participate?

A. You will be able to participate in the LIVE lessons if you have one or the other. Quizzes can be joined on the same device as well but from a different server. Many students do this, as well!


Q. I would like to allow both of my children to participate. How should I apply for this course?

A. Our application system is one application per family. Thus, by applying for one, the whole of your family will be able to join! However, if each of the participants wants to join the quizzes, they would each need their own device to do so.


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